About Us

Company Overview

Web Partner Group is a leading provider of information technology services for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies. We began operations in 1995 and have since become a full service web solution provider. Our business model is structured with diversity and depth of expertise, slow but consistent growth, and value added services for our clients, whom we consider our partners.

Products and Services

Web Partner Group offers a full range of Internet services including website design, Internet marketing, search engine optimization, application development and e-commerce solutions. We have separate departments for each of our Internet services, from planning, design, development, to marketing. Representatives from each of our departments work together to ensure the success of your project. We want to become your long-term partner.


We are a socially responsible corporation with a passion to leverage technology for those in need. We work with non-profit organizations and government agencies to build capacity and have pioneered new technology with the Department of Labor providing access to community organization and government agency services.

We have worked in many areas including workforce development, disaster preparedness and response, restorative and criminal justice, homelessness, animals and their habitats, and orphan care. Every month we subsidize the design of websites for nonprofit organizations.